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The Franco-Polish artist Ania Borzobohaty currently lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela and Paris, France. After graduating from La Sorbonne University in Paris, she atended the Fine Arts University of Granada, Spain and the Fine Arts University of Warsaw, Poland.

She enriched her work thanks to the different countries she lived in and developed a geometrical proposal constructed in sculptures and wall pieces made in steel.

Ania Borzobohaty’s visual art also explores the perception in animated geometry with holographic sculptures.

Recently she gave her work an autonomous reality evolving in space thanks to sensors linked to the presence of every living being that approach the artwork.

This full colored infinite transmutation of her geometrical structures remind us the graceful rotation and evolution of our planets.

Her artworks are housed in permanent collections at institutions such as :

Museo Scultura Contemporanea, Matera, Italy ; le Museo Omar Carreño, Margarita, Venezuela ; la Villa Datris Fondation pour la Sculpture Contemporaine, France ; le Geometric and Madi Art Museum, Dallas, U.S.A. ; le Museum Satoru Sato, Tome, Japon ; le Mobil Madi Museum, Budapest, Hungria ; le Museo Narvaez, Margarita, Venezuela, ..."

​Recent solo and collective exhibitions :

Sculptrices, Fondation pour la Sculpture Contemporaine Villa Datris, l’Isle-sur-Sorgue, France ; White January, Espace Meyer Zafra, Paris ; Exposition personnelle Vierde Dimensie Gallery, Netherlands ; Exposition personnelle, Graphic Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela, Exposition personnelle, Centro Lia Bermudez, Maracaibo, Venezuela ; RN, Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrad, Serbia ; 36 años de geometria, Graphic Art, Caracas, Venezuela ; Lima Art Fair, Okyo Gallery, Lima, Peru ; Sculptures Monumentales, King’s Garden, Coppenhague, Danemark ; Art Nouveau Gallery, Miami, USA ; Constructieve kunst en architectur, Vierde Dimensie Gallery, Netherlands ; 4 artistas 4 visiones, Galeria Chroma, Valencia, Venezuela ; Madi Art, Reves Studio Galeria, Budapest, Hungria ; Pinta London, Espace Meyer Zafra, London, England ; ArtBo, Graphic Art, Bogota, Colombie ; Art Miami, Okyo Gallery, Miami, USA ; Pan Amsterdam, Vierde Dimensie Gallery, Netherlands ; Geometrics Art Nouveau Gallery, Miami, USA ; FIA, Graphic Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela, …

"Interactive white relief with luminous diagonal "

Galeria G7, Caracas, Venezuela - 2012

1m 20 x 72 cm x 60 cm

Steel, ions sensor, leds, programmation

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